We are engaged in projects of social integration for children, in order to empower them to be active citizens and foster their sense of belonging. Our main aim is to involve children into playful, formative and cultural activities, which allow them to have a wider vision of the perspectives that life may offer, as many of them suffer from a situation of difficult family life, social and environmental decay and lack of social structures. Some of our projects are: after school activities, painting, music, theatre, sport or summer activities.

Young People

Young People represent the core of our work: in fact, they mean the future to us. We propose them formative, cultural and leisure activities. Thanks to the European Union’s programme Erasmus +, young people have the opportunity to go abroad, in order to make interesting youth exchanges, training courses, seminars, school trips.

We are pleased to host young volunteers or support them to go abroad, within the European Voluntary Service and the Solidarity Corps, European Union’s programme which support the participation of youngsters to the different types of voluntary service, both inside and outside the European Union. Thanks to this programme, youngsters (between 18 and 30 years old) can take part, individually or in group, in non-profit activities, not remunerated. The service can last up to twelve months. In some exceptional cases even 16 year-old youngsters can participate to the projects.

Rinascita Sociale Salam House offers to students of the Università degli Studi di Napoli “L’Orientale” the chance to fulfil a period of apprenticeship in its structures. For more information:

Università degli Studi di Napoli “L’Orientale”
SOrT Servizio Orientamento e Tutorato – Ufficio Stage e Tirocini Curriculari
Via Nuova Marina 59, Palazzo del Mediterraneo, VIII piano, stanza 8.5
tel. 0816909268 - 228 - 303

Elderly People

We involve elderly people in a process of mutual intergenerational exchange, so that they can be active players in our community.
We also offer to the weakest persons support in their daily activities (shopping, doctor’s reservation, administrative help, etc.).


Migrants are more and more an important part of our community. We offer them support in administrative issues, trying to create the right conditions for an improvement of their quality of life and their relations with the local community, encouraging intercultural dialogue and cultural-linguistic mediation. Children from immigrant families are always involved in our daily activities with local children.


Sociale Salam House and Salam House Giovani ONLUS are engaged in the enhancement of the cultural, historical and environmental heritage of the Campania region, thanks to the creativity of the citizens which get in touch with us. We take part in shows, exhibitions and events at local, national and international level.

Human Rights Education

Rinascita Sociale Salam House has been committed in human rights education with young people and adults for years. Human rights education helps growth and self-development, supplies people with essential abilities, in order to make them aware of the entourage that surrounds them, and in the wide world, and, what is more, to be able to act directly, in case they are violated. The UNESCO defines human rights education in the following way:

The concept which supports human rights education, is based on the idea that education shouldn’t have the only purpose to train qualified professionals, it should also contribute to the individual’s progress, who is then capable to interact with the society in which he lives. Human rights education, human rights in education, have to guarantee students the possibility to follow and to be the main promoters of the society’s change. Education should provide the means to improve life quality, and also to increase participation skill to decision procedures in the social, cultural and economical policies. Human rights education implies the learning and the respect of the rights themselves. An holistic approach of human rights education implies an enactment of these rights, at every level of the educational system, and that they should be considered as a transmission source of contents and experience.

Within an international project called “Human rights education via Compass”, from 2006 till 2009, together with Euroacciòn (Spain) and with Newham College of Further Education (United Kingdom), we created a syllabus for the curricular development of programmes about human rights education with adults and a manual, published in Italian by Gesco Edizioni. This project was supported by the European Commission through the programme Grundtvig.

We are currently implementing Human Rights Open Ebook, a project of collaborative editing on human rights education, involving human rights practitioners and activists around the world.

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