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Rinascita Sociale Salam House

Rinascita Sociale Salam House is an independent organisation based in Naples, Italy. It was founded in 1993 by a group of youngsters who, having been involved for years in the voluntary service, faced daily social and cultural problems of the risings generations. We aim at raising the passions and wishes of the young people, promoting a mutual exchange between generations and cultures. Our main purpose is to provide scope for people's intelligence and creativity, increasing places where solidarity, social relations and culture are possible.

Therefore, Rinascita Sociale Salam House, aims at empowering people and creating opportunities in the following areas: culture, education, human rights, environment, artistic and historic enhancement, entertainment, youth employment, justice, social alienation, disadvantaged families, children, young people, elderly people, disabled persons and immigrants. Rinascita Sociale Salam House also promotes studies and researches, collecting documents about human rights, youth policies, development and cooperation between peoples.

Rinascita Sociale Salam House aims at being an active part in the society and in the consolidation of the voluntary service, in fact it has involved nearly 600 youngsters and many of them, who once were recipients of our activities, have become an active part of our organisation.

The need of planning some specific activities for young people has pushed us to establish, in 1998,Salam House Giovani ONLUS, which works in the same areas of interest already mentioned, with a particular attention to women and new generations' demands. Freshness and dynamism are the basic elements which make Salam House Giovani ONLUS to operate on the territory with enthusiasm and motivation.

All this so that young people can be an active part in the projects and changes of our society!

What we do

We Provide Voluntary Services for


We are engaged in projects of social integration for children.

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Young People

Young People represent the core of our work: in fact, they mean the future to us.

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Elderly People

We involve elderly people in a process of mutual intergenerational exchange.

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Migrants are more and more an important part of our community.

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Enhancing of the cultural heritage of the Campania region.

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Human Rights

Rinascita Sociale Salam House has been committed in human rights education.

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